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Q&A with Fashion Illustrator Gretchen Roehrs

How the Midwestern transplant found Instagram inspiration from California produce. by Paige Pritchard images courtesy of Gretchen Roehrs Banana peels and […]

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New Fashion Reads too Fabulous to Miss

Whether you’re seeking inspiration or entertainment, these three non-fiction fashion reads can’t be missed. by Kaylen Ralph In the late ‘90s […]

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Feminists Balancing on High Heels

On the heels of last week’s sartorial scandal at Cannes, we ponder the history of high heels. by Candace Mittel illustration […]

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Natural Women: Caroline Smith and Her Mom, Martha

Caroline Smith got it from her mama. by Kinzy Janssen photo credit: Victoria Campbell for The Riveter In an industry plagued […]

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Baring Arms to “Defend” Their Tattoos

Tattooed women outnumber their male counterparts, but cultural stereotypes and historical realities about tattooed women can cloud perceptions.  by S.E. Curtis photo illustration by Grace […]

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Q&A with Karoline Wells, Founder of The Elixery Cosmetic House

Twin Cities-based cosmetic house has potential to make over the cosmetics industry at large. by Kaylen Ralph photo illustration by Grace […]

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